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Technical burglary prevention

We protect your home, apartment or company.

SKG & Veilig Wonen

The assessment guideline of SKG® (Stichting Kwaliteitscentrum Gevelelementen, Façade Elements Quality Centre Foundation) was the basis for the classification of burglary-proof hardware. Consequently, we always comply with the SKG 1, 2 & 3 star standard hardware where the installation allows it.

METASAFE, your specialist in

  • Safety cylinders

  • Safety locks 

  • Safety doors; Armored, Cellar and fire resistant doors

  • Safety rosettes & ironwork

  • Rim locks for windows, doors and sliding windows

  • Multipoint locks for wooden, aluminium or PVC doors

  • Electromechanical multipoint locks for apartments

  • Custom-made adapted lock plates

  • Locking plans

  • Safes

  • Additional keys and new certificate card

  • Vandalism-resistant videophones

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