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An alarm system or mechanical protection? Both is better!

In Belgium, burglaries are among the top three crimes. In most cases, however, the burglary could have been avoided by installing an alarm system. After all, many houses offer little or no protection against this type of crime. By taking relatively simple measures, such as an alarm system, the risks can be significantly reduced.

Safety begins with adopting good habits. Even if you have an alarm system, properly lock all windows and doors. If you want to beef up the protection of your house, you can install mechanical protection and/or an alarm system.

A combination of mechanical protection and an alarm system offers the best guarantee. We partner with Stanley Security the Belux Nr1 in Alarm system solution provider.

Mechanical protection as additional security, in addition to an alarm system. The Belgium Federal Police will always advise to first apply organizational, secondly mechanical and as last electronical security.

You can protect the windows and doors of your house mechanically, to make life hard on burglars. They will try for 5 minutes maximum and leave...

Currently, a wide range of products is available to better protect your house. In addition to mechanical protection, there is also an alarm system. Check out the videos on the alarm system and other home protection systems.

Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or telephone for additional information. We will gladly help you.

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